October Changes in the Garden

Posted by Leon Sun

Two of my three installations from the Creative Spaces exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) came down last month. One of them is still there. The materials were brought back here with the help of CHSA staff who were kind enough to schlep them all into the far end of my garden. That meant going through the whole house! Much appreciated!

It was like getting a new pile of toys to play with. Going off of their energy, I started building things right away. Of course, it was too much for the garden but I let myself have fun – just let go. I wanted to understand these cinder blocks in this new setting. And I wanted the setting to accept them. This is the most current iteration of an evolving place.

Shortly after – in the next day or so, I moved a lot of the blocks back to the area near the house and built only what fit in well with the existing set-up.

The bricks and stones came earlier than the cinder blocks, and I already did something with the bricks. As I piled the remaining cinder blocks, I started to have some fun with them too and managed to make something that could sit there for a while and not be annoying. This would give me time to think of something else to do with them… or not.

Meanwhile, I finished a print – the last in the current series, Animals, Dreams and Myth. I will continue the series, but in a different chapter. See the prints at the Screenprinting page of my Gallery: http://leonsunartist.com/lsa_gallery/current-prints-in-progress/

1 cinder piles 2 cinder stack 3 cinder tops 4 cinder curve 5 cinder texture 6 cinder wall gap 7 cinder walls 8 early cinder pyramid 9 cinder sculptures 10 cinder altar 11 cinder bocks in circle 12 cinder wall 13 cinder pyramid 14 succulents pyramidDSCN2337 15 cinder stripDSCN2333 16 cinder brick stones 17 cinder brick detail

1 brick stacks