October doings

Posted by Leon Sun

A week ago I finished the last of the previous series. I also experimented with mixing monoprint with silkscreen print.

Finished Moondog

mono Xprmt

Began working on a new series of prints for the Animals,  Myth and Dreams themeThese images carry on the same theme but represent a new chapter in an ongoing journeyI am now using my drawings for the basic image. The purpose of these prints is one, to use hand drawn images for a more personal look and two, to transform the drawings into something different through the process of printing. It’s like a call-and-response thing between drawing and printing.

4web snake drawing stamp dog 2


Meanwhile, back in the garden, things are taking care of themselves. The cinder block pieces seem well-taken by the garden. The blocks, at the same time, bring new energy to the space. Yesterday, I did a meditation walk through the whole garden – circling , going back and forth several times. Nice work, if I do say so myself.

Pyramid frm hi Pyramid terraces Pyramid

Because things continue to change, the Garden Gallery will now have new photos added periodically.