June – July, 2013

Posted by Leon Sun

In the early part of June, I built a printing table that is collapsible and can be folded against the wall. This is so that the space can be returned to bicycle storage when not printing.

My first run went very well. I enjoyed using my “new” space. I liked the fact that I can get multi-use out of a small space. The room also serves as our laundry room and pantry. Working in a tight space forced good working habits, like putting things away after each procedure. It was a matter of being mindful of how each action affected the next, and how I can stay out of my own way!
2 4web Folding 3 4web First run 3 4web Tabl flat 4 4web back to bike room


Meanwhile, in the garden, the recent dry weather has been showing its effects. The Baby’s Tears that had covered much of the landscaping had died out, as I didn’t want to use too much water trying to stem a natural process. Instead, I planted drought-friendly succulents. They’ve taken to the soil quite well.

5 4web new landscaping 6 4web Glowing SuclntI’ve developed a work style where I do a bit of everything all the time  – printing, cycling, garden work, my dogs – so that each activity affects and is affected by the others. Art and life should not be separated.

A case of “change is good.” My new neighbors took out the old tree stump left by the former neighbors. Part of the stump had grown over into our property while it was still a tree.  I had worked around, making it a “work of art.” But I always knew it wasn’t going to be permanent, just as nothing in the garden is. Well, now it was time to do something new. I’m quite happy with it. I even like the contrast between the new and old fence boards.7 4web tree stump 8 4web_MG_0015 9 4web DSCN1497 10 4web DSCN1383


On July 4, I had a BBQ/get-together for my artist friends and I wanted to show them what I had been working on since the last time they saw any of my stuff. The garden was the perfect setting to display them. After all, they came about by way of my working in the garden.11 4web DSCN0020 12 4web DSCN9996 (2) 13 4web DSCN1523