Open Air Studio

Today Open Studio goes outside. I took Nikki for a run while I biked. We started from Golden Gate Park – JFK Drive just before the turn-in to the Polo Field. We rode to the top of the paved path at Land’s End, to our usual rest-stop and turn-around point. The sky today was strangely Read More…

Silk screen print: Sister/Sister

Finished the last run – black – today. Still need to work on some technical problems but got enough good prints for a small edition.


Draw, paint, print

Last week I began color separations and screen preparation for my next – now current – print, “2 birds” (working title).
It began as a drawing I did at the beginning of the year.

Then I did a painting from it, joining other paintings in the series.

Now the painting has “mutated” into a print. Did the first Read More…

The Dogs

A couple of pictures of the dogs in the last few days.
Took both dogs out together the other day.  We went to Baker Beach. It’s been a while since I did that. Did Trina a lot of good as she got to run and explore and play. She’s still got a lot in her. It’s Read More…

Garden changes

Succulents are settled in, the garden is happy.


Year of Snakes

Here are some drawings I did around the beginning of the year. I just got into it one night. As I was drawing them, I visualized old woodcut prints but I don’t really want to make woodcut prints. It would mean having to “redo” these images in wood. I had no previous experience in that Read More…

Butterfly Love

Finished the Butterfly Love print Tuesday. The image was inspired by the immigration rights movement which chose the butterfly as a symbol of free and natural migration.
The butterfly image also fits in with the Animals, Myth and Dreams series and is the most recent development of that theme. It is often through dreams that we Read More…

Second printing run

I actually started the second run on Saturday but had to abort because of bad ink mix. The color wasn’t right and I added too much extender. Today, Monday it went better, though it wasn’t without problems. Registration could be better and it was the wrong decision to print blue first, as the red had Read More…

June – July, 2013

In the early part of June, I built a printing table that is collapsible and can be folded against the wall. This is so that the space can be returned to bicycle storage when not printing.
My first run went very well. I enjoyed using my “new” space. I liked the fact that I can get Read More…