Dharma Prints

Images based on on Buddhist stories and teachings

Visual Zen

Human the Hermit

From Human the Hermit – an illustrated storybook about a man who went to live in solitude in the forest. Over time, he befriended animals in the forest and his life mingled with theirs, in particular, with the life of Monkey. Originally written as a children’s story it appeals to adults as well. I serves as a vehicle Read More…

Machu Picchu, 2017

Self portrait in calligraphy

In this series, I’m using my own name to explore the graphic dimensions of Chinese calligraphy. The grid is from an exercise template used by students and novice calligraphers. Here I use it to represent tradition and authority

Global Warming

Old Stories revisited

A turn toward simplicity, a turn toward the past – for stories, myths and identity.

Travels with Dharma Dog

Silkscreened prints now added to the Travels with Dharma Dog series of paintings, photographs and books.

Animal Spirit

Animals are friends and relatives.

Fall Review, Oct 2013

Some photographs from the last two months in the garden.