Open Studio


This is where you can see what I’m currently working on, what I’m thinking about, what kinds of issues I’m grappling with, and the place to get news of upcoming shows and events that I’m in. And it is where I look for comments and feedback from visitors to the site.

Most likely, I will not be posting on a regular basis but at times that more organically reflect the actual work-in-progress. I hope that you will drop by every now and then for some virtual coffee and real conversation!



Cross cultural myth and art

I’ve been absent in posting on this site – not out of negligence but because, 1) I’ve decided to slow things down a couple of notches. Screenprinting is so process intensive that each stage of production must be pursued with full attention and care. 2) While my original intent was to link up the commonalities Read More…

First sight

The morning light has been beautiful lately… except for a couple of days of pretty dense fog. Frankly the fog suits me better but who could not like this warm light that infuses everything with an orange glow.
Had a busy day and finally got to go into the garden. For some plants, the drought is Read More…

October doings

A week ago I finished the last of the previous series. I also experimented with mixing monoprint with silkscreen print.

Began working on a new series of prints for the Animals,  Myth and Dreams theme. These images carry on the same theme but represent a new chapter in an ongoing journey. I am now using my drawings for the basic image. The Read More…

October Changes in the Garden

Two of my three installations from the Creative Spaces exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) came down last month. One of them is still there. The materials were brought back here with the help of CHSA staff who were kind enough to schlep them all into the far end of my garden. Read More…

2 crabs

Garden Textures