In My Garden

The garden as testament to impermanence, . .


In the Marin Headlands with Nikki

The Marin Headlands, located just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, is my favorite place to go for spiritual retreat and revitalization. I always take my dog Nikki with me and, of course, my camera. These are photographs I’ve taken over the years – mostly since Nikki grew to be matured enough to go off leash. This would place the time line at 2009 to the present.  The photos here represent a small percentage of all that I’ve taken. More photos with Nikki in the Headlands and other places around San Francisco are in the book, dharma dog days.

Bhutan 2011

I took these photographs while on an eleven-day tour of Bhutan – a short time to get to know a people and culture. But I am grateful for the opportunity to take these photos, as they allow me to revisit and deepen my appreciation of Bhutan.